Chilean T.V. Room, 2006-2007

Rauminstallation im Foyer des de Warande

17 Monitore, 1 Videoprojektion, 1 Schrankwand, 1 Sofa, 2 Sessel, 1 Tisch, 2 Teppiche
© Meggie Schneider

Museum de Warande/ Belgien 2007, kuratiert von Paz Aburto Guevara

Video Installation and Living Archive
Wall-unit, 16 monitors, 16 CF players, 1 video projector, furniture
Dimensions variable

The "Chilean TV Room" is a video installation and living archive made in
Santiago by the German artist Meggie Schneider on last November 2006 and relocated at the HOMEMADE art event at de Warande.

After conducting a two-month research project in Santiago, studying the historic
relations and aesthetics between the TV and video art in Chile, the artist created
a Chilean TV room and located it inside the audiovisual archive at the Centro de
Documentación de las Artes, at the President Palace in Santiago, Chile.

She built walls and transferred furnishings, plants, and TVs from Chilean homes
to this public space. On the TVs she is running her film works and a projection of
her film research. As a living archive, the "Chilean TV Room" hosted a program
of “micro-meetings” in Santiago, where artists presented their video work in
conversation with other artists, curators, and critics. These meetings are being
filmed and they began to be edited and integrated into the collection of this public
Chilean archive.

The first edition of these “micro-meetings” are on view in this 16 TVs installation
at the HOMEMADE art event, at de Warande, in Belgium, with English subtitles,
together with the film research and film production of the German artist in

A new furniture setting was made by the artist for this location, including local
furniture from Belgium. Between April 20-22 a new program of “micro-meetings”
will take place at the "Chilean TV Room" with Chilean artists, critics, and curators
invited to the art event.

The idea of the living archive is to reverse the traditional function of the archives
–not only of incorporation, but also of production. In opposition to the cumulative
traditional way of conserving, this work enables what is impossible for the vital
and chronologic time: while advancing everything toward degeneration –and
death- the living archive regenerates itself, showing an intense form of cultural

This work, under the Spanish title “SALA DE LA TELE”, is on view in Santiago
until May 30, 2007 ( and in Turnhout under the English title
“Chilean TV Room” until May 20, 2007.

Paz Aburto Guevara
Curator Homemade art event

Homemade Berliner Gazette

Homemade Opendoek Filmfestival

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